Zsolt MarosváriHead of Application & Analitics R&D
Nokia Solutions and Networks Kft.

Zsolt Marosvári (51) graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and has Engineering-Economics post graduate degree of the Budapest University of Economics. He started his career as a sales engineer at Műszertechnika. He works at Nokia Hungary since 1997 and held various positions in sales, project management and product portfolio management. Currently he is representing the Application and Analytics business group in the Nokia Hungary country management team as the Budapest site leader of the Digital Intelligence business line.
Zsolt believes it is important to make available intelligent applications for business and individual users which makes their life easier and their user experience exciting.


Invent with Nokia

• Invent with Nokia enables inventors to submit invention proposals to Nokia, and encourage them to sign up as approved inventor participants.
• Track record and potential future inventors can be former Nokia employees, professors and students from universities and employees of startups or individuals.
• Financial compensation and other perks are provided to the external inventor in return for full IP rights for successful inventions.
• Legal rights of both inventor and Nokia are protected via the Invent with Nokia online platform.
• Internal Nokia employees can co-invent with the IWN inventor using Nokia’s internal IPR process/systems, resulting in a joint invention that you can proudly have with each other.