Weronika PrzecherskaPhd student at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Warsaw,
junior analyst at the Digital Economy Lab (DELab)

Phd student at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Warsaw and junior analyst at the Digital Economy Lab. A graduate of the Institute
of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw and scholarship holder of inter alia, the International Parliamentary Scholarship (IPS). Her current research is focused on the changing consumption and lifestyles patterns in the digital era, and human-computer interaction. She is particularly interested in discourse and conversational analytics, sociolinguistics, as well as social communication. In the past, she has worked for political think tanks and foundations. Her working languages are Polish, German, and English.


How to find, educate, and promote future startup founders?

There is a repeating theme in media discourse about startup founders not attending or dropping out of university. But giving up college is not a requirement for establishing a company. Many startup founders often devote several years to higher education. Obviously, universities are a crucial part of startup ecosystems and culture – their role is to build infrastructure, partner with business, and help those who have already decided to build a company. Moreover, the goal should be searching for, educating, and promoting these young individuals with the potential, skills and entrepreneurial spirit, who are making their first steps towards establishing their own business. This ability will be the next competitive advantage of universities. Where should they look for inspiration and how will they manage to embrace this change?