Todd DaveyProfessor at the Munich Business School,
Director of the initiative ‘The State of University-Business Cooperation in Europe’ for the European Commission

Prof. Todd Davey is a Professor at the Munich Business School (Germany) and the Director of the initiative ‘The State of University-Business Cooperation in Europe’, for the European Commission. Formerly a Senior Manager with Deloitte Australia’s Technology Commercialisation Group and Director of Strategy for one of Australia’s fastest growing start-ups, Todd ‘switched sides’ to work within academia.
As an academic, Prof. Davey is the author of the book Entrepreneurship at Universities,has co-authored over 30 publications and presented as keynote speaker in numerous international conferences. Todd has been a visiting researcher and lecturer for entrepreneurship and innovation at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Adelaide University (Australia) and Nelson Mandela University (South Africa).
Prof. Davey is also a member of the expert group for the development of the European Commission’s HEInnovate tool, Director of Strategy at the University-Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), and the Creator of TechAdvance™, an online tool for evaluating the commercialisation potential of new technologies.

About his workshop

Developing knowledge transfer, engagement or collaboration between university and business

Are you trying to develop better knowledge transfer or university engagement?
University-Business Cooperation (UBC) has gained a position the agendas of policymakers and HEI managers. However, its management and regulation remain challenging due to the complexity of UBC phenomenon, the lack of a common understanding of the topic, the lack of ‘the big picture’ that connect all the elements and the lack of evidence to support decision-making. Similarly, the research on UBC is rapidly increasing, but the lack of shared concepts and a common framework makes research in UBC narrow, fragmented and non-comparable, hindering its development.
This workshop will present the UBC Ecosystem Framework, a tool for researchers, managers and policymakers to gain a better understanding of how UBC work and support the process to foster, promote and strengthen it. The UBC Ecosystem Framework provides a simplification of the reality, using concrete elements and their relationships, with a common structure to analyse your environment in order to support strategic decision making process and undertake evidence-based management and policy.
The workshop will give participants a clear and common picture of the most important elements in UBC (inputs, activities, outcomes, impacts, influencing factors and supporting mechanisms) and their interrelations. The workshop will show how to use a UBC management tool that provides structure, guideline and input for the analysis, discussion and decision making within universities at different levels. This vital framework for researchers and practitioners enables them to apply the framework in their own research and institution while discussing with their peer, exchanging ideas and experiences.