Stanislaw DyrdaAssistant Professor of the Management Faculty
Warsaw University of Technology

Assistant Professor of the Management Faculty of Warsaw University of Technology. Senior Advisor in the National Centre for Research and Development (independent position for monitoring effectiveness of the NCRD activities), IT Strategic Program Coordinator.
PhD in Control Engineering & Computer Systems, MSc in Electronics, Post graduated Certificate in Business Administration (specialisation: Strategic Management).
Many-year academic lecturer of the Warsaw University of Technology and the Warsaw University College of Technology and Business, Head of the Computer Lab of the Electrical Engineering Faculty of the Warsaw University of Technology, Dean of the IT Faculty and the Technology and Business Faculty of the Warsaw University College of Technology and Business. Author of books, scientific papers, reports and reviews concerning in particular computer systems, data transmission networks, complex IT solutions for telco operators and high-tech enterprises.
Experienced manager of Polish and international ICT companies (many of them listed on stock exchange – e.g. Polish Telecom/Orange, Netia, Bull, Prokom/Asseco Group). Member of the MS Board for Digital Entrepreneurship of the European Commission, member of Advisory Team of the Minister of Science & University Education for Open Access, expert of the EUROSTARS program (former member of IEP – Independent Experts Panel).


Selected problems of business-academia cooperation in Poland within the Polish innovation system.

The overall structure of the National Innovation System in Poland will be discussed. Forms of support for government strategy (Responsible Development Strategy). The role of the National Center for Research and Development in support of the above mentioned strategy. New forms of R & D funding used by NCRD including VC funds (fund of funds) and the DARPA-type approach to funding projects.