László ÁbrahámCEO
NI Hungary Kft.

Electrical engineer specialized in communication technologies, general manager of NI Hungary. Mentor of the future STEM expert intellectuals. Graduated at the Budapest University of Technology, employed at Videoton, biggest electronical manufacturer of the socialist era of Hungary, climbed the corporate latter from development engineer all the way to acting CEO. Managed multiple corporates and now he is the general manager of NI Hungary since day one in 2001, the measurement and automation company’s first overseas production facility. His personal mission is nurturing the future generation of engineers who should be introduced to the practical challenges of reality and not to plain and boring formulas only. Being an engineer for him means creating more than anything, the creative excitement is what he wants to pass down to the next generation.


How a couple students from Debrecen measured one of the coldest places of the universe – National Instruments’ Innovation Program

With over 40 years of supporting innovation at over 35000 customers National Instruments brought to life an Innovation Program in Hungary three years ago. As a measurement and automation hardware and software provider NI feels the need for prototyping measurement systems and also feels that there is a lack of technology available for startups and university research groups in these fields as well. The innovation program provides technology, knowledge and technological support for these groups and during the presentation the audience will get a peek behind the scenes showcasing some of the success stories of the program members. We will have close focus on one particular project in which three students of the University of Debrecen created a temperature measurement system for CERN used to measure the cryo-temperature of the LCH superconducting magnets.