Ladislav MuraAssociate Profesor and Head of Department of International Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Economics and Business
Pan-European University in Bratislava, Slovakia

Ladislav Mura, PhD. is an associate profesor and Head of Department of International Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Pan-European University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Pan-European University The Pan-European University is a private higher education institution, offering university education at all 3 cycles of studies in 20 accredited programs of studies at its 5 faculties (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economic and Business, Faculty of Media, Faculty of Informatics and Faculty of Psychology). Associate professor Mura is a supervisor for master and doctoral students as well as an author of a number of national and international journal articles. He is an author of 2 domestic scientific monographs, author of 2 foreign scientific monographs, over 30 articles in scientific journals (some with impact factor), including foreign journals and 50 contributions to conferences. His research interests include: small and medium enterprises, family business, business innovation, impact of internationalisation on business activities, human resource management. Member of Editorial Board in 10 journals (Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Canada). Member of 7 professional associations.


Networking of Scientific and Academic Teams and Cooperation with Business Practice: evidence from Slovak and Czech Republic

The purpose of his presentation is to address an undoubtedly discussed issue of networking and creation of educational and scientific clusters. The scientific teams of different countries and various scientific fields represent the most dynamically developing part of the scientific and research base. Establishing interdisciplinary teams with members from different countries create a strong scientific potential for implementing financially and technologically demanding scientific research. Providing the necessary background for the scientists requires large financial investments, ensuring access to scientific resources and the latest research results. In his presentation He would like to introduce an educational-scientific cluster, consisting of three institutions of higher education, officially operating under the name of Academic Alliance. The cluster is formed by two Czech and one Slovak institution. The scientific researchers of the institutions are connected to create a strong background, active interaction, synergy, and the possibility to conduct demanding scientific research.