Gedeon W. WernerPresident
Aquarius Management Holding Group (Aquarius Fund), Poland

President of Aquarius Management successfully combines over 25 years of international business experience and academic activities. From 2011, he serves as the President of Aquarius Management Holding Group with interests in pharma industry and real estate. During those years Mr. Werner has also been active in the commercialization of innovative projects bridging the academic know how with business commercialization expertise.
Second tier of Mr. Werner’s expertise includes international education. He served as an adviser to the OSI Network (on management education and business skills development); has been the founder of the Polish-American Management Center (PAM Center) – A Center of Excellence in Management Education – at the University of Lodz, Poland, and designed and supervised establishing two Management Excellence Centers in Russian Federation. At the PAM Center, he developed and managed a flagship program: Polish American Executive MBA Program (in a partnership with the University of Maryland at College Park and Towson University/University of Baltimore). A graduate of the University of Michigan and Grand Valley State University. He authored, and coauthored publications in an area of labor market and anti-discriminatory policies on labor market. Mr. Werner was awarded twice the Honorary Medal for achievements in Higher Education (Poland).


US-V4 University-Business Cooperation: a path to American commercialization. Quinnipiac’s Experience

The discussion about the role of academia and business in preparing entrants onto the labor market is most likely as old as the Academia itself. Generally the discussion looks like that: Academic view: we are not vocational schools and still we deliver what we are paid for. Business view: schools in general teach outdated knowledge and skills not compatible with fast changing business needs.
The Central European Institute (CEI), an organization within Quinnipiac University was established to foster mutually beneficial business and academic relationships . A few years ago, the CEI recognized an opportunity for students to provide a real, hands on and up to date consulting services for international companies planning to enter the US market. The student multidisciplinary teams (composed of MBA and International Business students) are led by leader/manager. The teams work directly with companies, owners and management teams and report do the Director of the CEI. Besides applying their business knowledge to real businesses the student teams are prepared to launch pilot projects on campus or with local businesses hence providing a real life test for the business products and services. The presentation will showcase a few projects that the students worked on and will share some lessons learned.