Emilija Stojmenova DuhAssistant professor, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering
Coordinator of FabLab network Slovenia

Emilija Stojmenova Duh, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at the Laboratory for Telecommunications within the Faculty of electrical engineering, University of Ljubljana. She is involved in several national and European research and development projects. Her research work focuses mainly on the fields of open innovation, co-creation, user centered design and methodologies for evaluating user experience and usability. She is part of an international team of researchers, who are developing a methodology for measuring and monitoring social and economic return on investment of digital services through open innovation.
After graduation, she was employed at Iskratel, Ltd. as a young researcher and user experience manager, where she was responsible for the overall user experience in the company. Between April 2014 and December 2016, she was serving as a director of RAZ:UM, a private institute founded by the University of Maribor. During that time, she was head of Demola Slovenia, part of Demola Network, which is recognized as best practice example for innovation policy makers by OECD and World Bank. Currently, she is coordinator of the national network of prototyping laboratories – Slovenia FabLab Network, which main aim is to boost creativity and innovation in the country. She is IEEE Women in engineering (WIE) Slovenia section chair and an active member of IEEE, ACM UxPA, and IxDA. She is also an active member of ENRD Thematic group Smart Villages, covering the topic of ICT solutions implementation in rural environments.


FabLab Network Slovenia – National reference network of prototyping laboratories to boost innovation and creativity in the region

What are FabLabs? Who should be involved in FabLabs? How universities and bussiness can improve their collaboration through FabLabs? Why FabLabs should be connected in a network? How they can/should be funded and operated?
…and much more about FabLabs through the experience gained and lessons learnt when building the national network of FabLabs in Slovenia, where more than 70 organisations, including all Universities, many companies of all sizes, municipalities and other organisations are actively involved in.