Anton HabjaničDirector
TechnoCenter at University of Maribor, Slovenia

Anton Habjanič joined TechnoCenter at University of Maribor as the director in February 2010. Before coming to TechnoCenter, which was established as the University’s technology transfer office, he spent several years working first as a Young Researcher and after as a Research Assistant and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of Maribor, where he had completed his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 2008.

Anton Habjanič has experience in preparation and management of international technology transfer projects. He has been engaged in preparation of University’s legal acts in the field of technology transfer; education, training and consultancy in the field of validation, protection, transfer and commercialization of IP; assistance in establishment and development of spin-out companies.

Anton Habjanič is a founding member and board member of the Association of Technology Transfer Professionals of Slovenia. Since May 2011, Dr. Habjanič has also been a board member of the Slovenian Styria Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Alternative ways of generating revenues for the implementation of technology transfer activities at public research organizations

Europe-wide, public research organizations (PROs) are facing with decreasing of public funding. Therefore, they are urged to detect the generation of additional sources of income for the implementation of technology transfer activities.
The aim of this presentation is to share the best practices of Maribor University’s innovation ecosystem in generating revenues from university-business interactions and to identify cross-border opportunities for potential cooperation.