Andrea-Rosalinde HoferPolicy Analyst (Skills for Entrepreneurship)

Andrea-Rosalinde HOFER a German national has been working for the OECD since 2003. She led the HEInnovate country reviews in Bulgaria, Ireland, the Netherlands and Hungary, and the OECD’s predecessor work on strengthening university entrepreneurship support in eastern Germany. The aim of HEInnovate – a key long-term partnership initiative by the European Commission and the OECD – is to support policy makers, higher education leaders and other key stakeholders to identify the actions they can take to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation and to remove the blockages that can exist at the institutional level and the national higher education system, based on data, analysis and international comparison. To enhance the practical application of the HEInnovate guiding framework, a free online self-assessment tool ( was designed for HEIs to organise a strategic debate with key stakeholders around entrepreneurship and innovation, using a digital platform ( The tool is available in 23 languages and currently used by more than 800 HEIs around the world.


HEInnovate: Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in & through Higher Education