Amiram PorathIsrael Innovation Authority

Dr. Amiram Porath is the Academic Programs Manager at the Israeli Innovation Authority (IIA), in charge of facilitating translational research in public research organizations towards transfer to the industry. His experience includes forming the EU Office at Tel Aviv University, membership in EU expert groups regarding industry academy cooperation and consulting public organizations regarding research policy and strategy. He is the author of several books regarding collaborative research and technology transfer and numerous articles.


Translational Research as Tool for Academy Technology Transfer

One of the main barriers for technology transfer from academy to the industry is the basic not applicable enough nature of the academic research results. Maturing that knowdge via translational research allows the research results, the knowledge to reach the decision point, when industry can evaluate and decide whether to take it or not. The ISraeli Innovation Authority has been operating in recent years two such national programs, KAMIN and NUFAR to help the transfer on knowledge from academy to industry. The lessons learnt from the programs are presented showing that the effort is worth while.