A Conference on University Business Cooperation
in Central and Eastern Europe

Within this third Conference edition, our goals have remained the same; to showcase the opportunities and benefits of University and Business Cooperation, to share best practices, to discuss successful projects within the CEE region and to highlight the benefits of Cooperation from SMEs to large corporations.
Another objective was to create a forum for interaction between Universities and businesses in the region. Participants will be able to learn about current innovative cooperation models, best practices, discuss potential joint projects and look for new opportunities for regional cooperation between higher education institutions and businesses. The event will aid the regional labor market by sharing best practices to further the capacity development strategies of the region.

There is a growing role for higher education institutions and economic competitiveness through a traditional approach coupled with new functions, such as: Education, Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer, as well as the need for a closer cooperation between academics and businesses which have been underscored in fundamental European Union documents. The European Commission defined a broad range of policy measures and set up goals for the period till 2020 (ie; Europe 2020 strategic plan).

  • Horizon2020 reinforces cooperation between Universities, Research and Businesses as part of the Flagship Initiative; “Innovation Union” on a national level.
  • The Structural Funds (ie; European Regional Development Fund) in the framework of a National Operational Programs financial measures aimed at the promotion of regional innovation while strengthening cooperation of Universities, Research and Business Spheres.
  • Erasmus+ program promotes universities and enterprises to work together. In Key Action 2 (Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices the framework of Knowledge Alliances) partnerships between higher education institutions and companies are funded.
  • Projects targeting University-Business Cooperation (regional University-Business hubs); supporting the HEInnovate Framework Initiative helping higher education institutions to assess and improve their ability to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.
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