The goal of the CUBCCE Workshop is to create a free and informal framework for exchange of ideas where participants can show each-other successful and problematic practices, identifying hindering factors from both the university and business stakeholders, the specifics of SME and MNC cooperation, and formulating recommendations for academia, companies and government policy makers, etc.

There are five general topics defined:

  1. Technology Transfer
  2. Joint (collaborative) research
  3. Establishing spin-offs
  4. How to utilize Smart Specialization?
  5. Role of Government, Science parks

Each topic is covered by a workshop, meaning that there will be five parallel workshops, running through the 1.5 days of the conference.

Please select two of the topics and the organizers will try to assemble the workshop groups based on your selection and at the same time to ensure some balances (university-business, cititzenship, etc.). Each group will have a moderator, who is an expert of the specific topic. Each group will consist of 8-9 participants

In the first two workshop sessions each participant is requested to present a successful practice, a success story or a promising initiative, or even something that shouldn’t be repeated, etc., in a 7 minute presentation+5 minute discussion.

The participants will then decide, based on an anonymous voting, which presentation will be “sent” to the plenary.

In the second round of workshop sessions the participants are requested to formulate – in their topic – a set of ideas and recommendations for academia , companies, government policy makers to improve the university-business co-operation by turning it into a win-win situation for the parties. These recommendations are subsequently presented to the plenary, in 10+4 minutes.

This approach requires an active and ongoing participation, the organizers will be grateful if you could bear this in mind.