Developing knowledge transfer and collaboration between university and business

Are you trying to develop better knowledge transfer or university engagement?

University-Business Cooperation (UBC) has gained a position the agendas of policymakers and HEI managers. However, its management and regulation remain challenging due to the complexity of UBC phenomenon, the lack of a common understanding of the topic, the lack of ‘the big picture’ that connect all the elements and the lack of evidence to support decision-making. Similarly, the research on UBC is rapidly increasing, but the lack of shared concepts and a common framework makes research in UBC narrow, fragmented and non-comparable, hindering its development.

This workshop will present the UBC Ecosystem Framework, a tool for researchers, managers and policymakers to gain a better understanding of how UBC work and support the process to foster, promote and strengthen it. The UBC Ecosystem Framework provides a simplification of the reality, using concrete elements and their relationships, with a common structure to analyse your environment in order to support strategic decision making process and undertake evidence-based management and policy.

Important Notice

The UBC Workshop is a free public event but because of the limited capacity (40 persons) pre-registration is required. Please click here to fill out our registration form and confirm your intention to attend for the workshop.

Workshop presenters:

Professor at the Munich Business School,
Director of the initiative ‘The State of University-Business Cooperation in Europe’ for the European Commission
Research Associate at Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre, Münster University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), Germany